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Steifman LLP can help you determine if your religious organization is being overcharged for utilities.


As a religious organization in New York State, you may be entitled to a discounted billing rate on your electric, gas, and water. Steifman LLP has found that many religious organizations are being billed incorrectly on a more expensive rate by their utility provider, which can result in tens of thousands of dollars per year in overcharges.

If your organization uses any utility provider in New York State, you may have been subject to overcharges. Some of the utility companies that may have overcharged religious organizations for utilities include:

- Con Edison
- National Grid
- Central Hudson Gas & Electric
- RG&E
- KeySpan Long Island

- All other New York State utility providers, including municipal and co-op utilities

By participating in a class action lawsuit against your local utilities, your organization may be able to receive refunds or other money damages if your organization incurred improper overcharges. Steifman LLP can help you determine if you qualify to participate in a class action lawsuit.


Who Are We?

Steifman LLP is a New York-based law firm with a focus on utility related matters and class action lawsuits.

The firm's managing partner, Michael Steifman, is also the Founder and CEO of UtiliSave LLC, a utility auditing firm. Through UtiliSave LLC, Michael has spent over 32 years working with businesses and organizations like yours to ensure that they are billed fairly by their utility provider. 


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For a no-cost consultation, contact or use the contact form.

By attaching a copy of your utility bill or contracts, you can help us facilitate the process of determining whether your organization qualifies to participate in a class action lawsuit.

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